General questions

General questions

Are the Casino games fair?

Yes. We are licensed and regulated by the Directorate of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) – State of New Jersey. Our games are independently tested to ensure they operate correctly, they are fair, their outcomes are not predictable and that our systems are reliable, resilient and otherwise up to the highest standards of software integrity, including access control, change control recording, fingerprinting of the executable and regular monitoring of all critical components of our systems.

How do I accumulate points with casino games?

When playing casino games, you accumulate loyalty (iReward Points) toward bonuses, VIP levels and online store purchases. Read more in our ‘VIP iRewards’ page.

Can I cancel a bet that I’ve already placed (on roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps)?

Each game allows you to clear or undo bets before starting the game.

Where can I find the game rules?

The game rules and instructions can be found on our website here or via the “Rules” button in the game.

Can I see my casino games history?

Game history can be accessed by clicking “Game logs” from every game.

What happens if I get disconnected from the Internet while playing?

Next time you log in, the disrupted game will appear as it was when you were disconnected or, if you disconnected in the middle of a spin/roll/deal, the next sequence or result will appear as it would have been had you not been disconnected.