What are the different types of inboxes?

You have 3 different types of inbox:,

  • In Client Inbox: We send copies of promotional, transactional and customer service emails to this inbox.
  • ,
  • Messaging inbox: All the important events that have occurred offline and were not delivered as a notification will appear here
  • ,
  • Notifications inbox: These are informational messages that might be of help to you. Another player visiting your profile or a friend unlocking an Achievement are two examples of this type
  • ,All the above inboxes can be accessed at the top of the lobby near the player picture section.

    How do I turn off the notifications?

    Notifications can be turned off in the “Settings” section of your account.

    Can I send emails from my in client inbox?

    Yes. You can send emails to our by choosing the address from a drop-down menu.

    Can I send attachments using in client inbox?

    Yes. You can send up to three attachments of no more than 3MB. You can attach text, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and picture files.

    How long will emails stay in my in client inbox?

    All emails will be removed after one month.

    How can I access my in client inbox?

    You can access the in client inbox from the lobby. Click the “Account” link on the left of the lobby to see your inbox.

    Why can't I see all my transactional emails?

    All cashier and money-related transactional emails are not delivered to your in client inbox for security reasons. However, all game-related emails will be present in your in client inbox.

    Are the games fair, random and tested?

    Yes, this is not only very important to us, it is also the law. For more information on game fairness and the random number generator, please see our game fairness section.

    What is a random number generator, and who certifies your system?

    Please refer to the Random Number generator section on our website.

    Is it safe for me to send my personal and financial information to Borgata Casino and Borgata Pokerthrough the Internet?

    Yes. we use 128-bit encryption to ensure a high level of privacy and confidentiality, and to avoid interception or alteration of your information during transmission. For more information on safety and security, please read our Security Statement.

    What are the terms and conditions of use that govern my account?

    Upon opening an account, you agree to theat Borgata Casino and Borgata Poker. You reaffirm your consent to theseeach time you log in. In the event that you do not agree to the, or any amendments or modifications made to them, you will either be unable to open an account, or you will be obliged to close your existing account.

    Do you ever ask me for my password or security answer over a phone call or email?

    No, we would never ask for such information over the phone or via emails. Please do not disclose your password to any individual/organization claiming to represent or representing any of our brands. If you receive an email or telephone call from anyone asking you to provide your password, please report it to us immediately.

    Is it legal for me to play at Borgata Casino and Borgata Poker?

    It is legal to play from within the borders of New Jersey. We are regulated and licensed by the Directorate of Gaming Enforcement – State of New Jersey.