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Hot Cash

Hot Cash Casino Bonus Details - Borgata Casino

Date:  February 8 - 12

Get your Hot Cash Bonus by playing your favorite online casino game! As you earn iRPs, your Hot Cash Bonus will be released.

Play. Release. Repeat.

How to Opt-In

To opt into your bonus follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your BorgataCasino.com casino client
  2. Click on “New Bonuses”
  3. Click on "Hot Cash Bonus"
  4. Finally, click "Opt In"

Your account will now be credited with the Hot Cash Bonus.

How is the bonus released?

  • The Hot Cash Bonus is a release restricted bonus, so as players earn iRPs by playing casino games, they will release slabs of their bonus. The Hot Cash Bonus will be released in 10 slabs in 10% increments of the bonus amount.
  • In order to release one slab, a player must earn 10 times the cash amount of the slab in iRPs (for example: To release a $5 slab, the player must earn 50 iRPs).

Please make sure to read our full terms and conditions before participating in this promotion.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Hot Cash Bonus is limited to one redemption per customer, for anyone who opts into the promotion between February 8, 2017 and February 12, 2017.
  • This Promotion is offered subject to and conditional upon the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement’s continuing regulatory approval of the BorgataCasino.com site. In the event that such regulatory approval is withdrawn for any reason prior to the end of the Promotion, this Promotion shall be null and void.
  • The Hot Cash Bonus is released in increments of 10%.
  • The bonus will be earned out at a rate of 10* (increment amount) in iRPs. (Example: if the Hot Cash Bonus is $50, the bonus would be released in increments of $5. In order to release that $5, you would need to earn 50 iRPs.
  • iRPs earned through play on all casino games count toward bonus release.
  • Players will have until 11:59pm on February 26, 2017 to release their bonus after opting in.
  • Any iRPs earned after 11:59pm on February 26, 2017 will not count towards releasing the Hot Cash Bonus.
  • Any iRPs earned prior to player Opt In will not count towards releasing the Hot Cash Bonus.
  • To be eligible, player must be 21 years of age or older and be playing within the state of New Jersey.
  • To be eligible all personal and contact data associated with player’s account must be correct and verifiable.
  • BorgataCasino.com reserves the right to change or end this promotion at any time.
  • BorgataCasino.com reserves the right to cancel this promotion in its entirety or exclude any individual or individuals from participation, if it determines at its sole discretion that there are any irregularities or abuses occurring in connection with the promotion.
  • General Terms and Conditions apply.