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Sp Vegas Blackjack

Game Rules

Last updated: 2014-05-16

Blackjack-Single Player Basic Rules

  1. Player can play 1 to 5 hands
  2. 4 decks of standard playing cards are used
  3. The dealer stands on soft 17 or higher
  4. A winning player blackjack (an ace and 10-value card on the initial deal) pays 3:2
        a.    All other winning hands pay 1:1
  5. Winning insurance bets pay 2:1
        a.    Insurance is ½ of the wager per hand
  6. The player may double down on any first two cards
  7. The player may double down following a split
  8. The player may split once for a total of two hands
        a.    Like-value cards that are not identical may be split
                i.    Example: K and Q can be split
               ii.     Example: K and K can be split
  9. Surrender is not available
  10. Split aces receive only one card on each ace
        a.    The player may not re-split aces
        b.    An ace and a 10-value card following a split does not constitute blackjack
  11. The player may not hit on a soft total of 21
  12. The cards are shuffled following the completion of each game round

Rules Information
                                                        SP 4 Deck AC Blackjack Parameters

Dealer Soft 17
Double Down
Any two cards
1 (2 Hands)
Double After Split
Split Aces
1 Card on Each

Autostrategy and Auto-Betting

For this variant, Double after Split is permitted, therefore any P/H listings should simply be listed as P (i.e. split).

Surrender is not offered in this variant; therefore all instances of H/R should simply be listed as Hit.

Colour-coding and labelling of strategy tables implemented in the auto-strategy section of the games should match the presentation of existing games with respect to buttons, colours, labelling, etc.

There must be one row for player total of 8 and one row for player total of 7 or less as per initial AC BJ creation

Soft hand totals for the player will follow the labelling convention in initial AC BJ creation

A,A will be listed as opposed to 2/12 for that specific hand (see AC BJ for reference)