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Game Rules

Last updated: 2014-05-16

We have included several of the more ‘boutique’ style rules for this variant including:

  1. 777 automatically pays 3:1
  2. Regular BJ pays 6:5 and suited BJ pays 2:1
  3. 5 (or more) cards for 21 pays 2:1 automatically
  4. The player can hit more than once on split aces

Blackjack-Single Player

  1. Player can play 1 to 5 hands
  2. 8 decks of standard playing cards are used
  3. The dealer stands on soft 17 or higher
  4. A winning player blackjack (an ace and 10-value card on the initial deal) pays 6:5
    • A suited, winning blackjack pays 2:1
  5. 777 pays 3:1 automatically
  6. 5+ card 21 pays 2:1 automatically
  7. Winning insurance bets pay 2:1
    • Insurance is ½ of the wager per hand
  8. The player may double down on any first two cards
  9. The player may double down following a split
  10. The player may split once for a total of two hands
    • Like-value cards that are not identical may be split
      • Example: K and Q can be split
      • Example: K and K can be split
  11. Surrender is not available
  12. Split aces receive may be hit more than once per ace
    • The player may not re-split aces
    • An ace and a 10-value card following a split does not constitute blackjack
  13. The player may not hit on a soft total of 21
  14. The cards are shuffled following the completion of each game round

Auto-Bet and Auto-Strategy

  • The auto-bet system is included in this game variant
  • The auto-strategy system is not required for this variant is not included in the game

Rules Information in game

Parameter Value
Multi-Hand Yes
Decks 8
Dealer Soft 17 Stand
Insurance Yes
Double Down Any two cards
Split 1 (2 Hands)
Double After Split Yes
Surrender No
Split Aces Multiple hits allowed
Blackjack 6:5
Suited Blackjack 2:1
777 3:1 (automatic)
5+ card 21 2:1 (automatic)

Content and Procedural Notes

  • Display of card shoe is accurate with respect to the number of decks used in the game
  • Automatic wins that result from 777 or a 5+ card score of 21 is paid at the end of the hand in the normal order of paying and taking bets and not ‘on the spot’ when the event occurs
Game Name Min Max
Blackjack-Micro-Limit-SP 0.10 10